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Best Fetal Medicine Specialist

The centre boasts of highest end ultrasound equipment, and is one of the best Fetal Medicine Specialist in Prayagraj

We specialize in Fetal viability scans, NT/NB scans, TIFFA (Targetted Imaging for Fetal anomalies/ Level II scans/ Anomaly scan), Fetal ECHO and Colour doppler scans. We also do 3D and 4 D ultrasounds

NT/NB scan(Nuchal transluscency/ Nasal bone) scan is carried out between 11+0 to 13+6 weeks. The patient needs to come with full bladder for the same. She can have a meal. During this scan a hypoechoeic space beneath the neck of the baby, nasal bone and some blood flow patterns are visualized. Also, the formation of basic Fetal structures is visualized. This scan helps to predict the possibility of chromosomal abnormality in the baby and also picks up major structural malformations. Usually this scan accompanies a double marker.

TIFFA (Targetted Imaging for Fetal anomalies/ Level II scans/ Anomaly scan) is carried out between 18-20 weeks period of pregnancy duration. During this scan, the formation of major structures of the foetus is seen. It includes a head to toe evaluation of the structure of the baby including formation of major organs like brain, heart, kidneys, urinary bladder, spine, limbs, face etc. Presence of some abnormalities which indicate increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities (soft markers) is also looked for in this scan. Detailed counselling of the couple following the scan is done

Fetal ECHO is ultrasound evaluation of the structure and to some extent function of the baby’s heart. This scan is best done between 22- 24 weeks period of gestation. This scan is indicated if there has been an abnormality picked up during level II scan or TIFFA, if the mother is diabetic or if there is family history of cardiac diseases and certain syndromes.

Colour Doppler scans are done time to time as and when indicated to study the blood flow pattern in various blood vessels of the baby and the uterus. This includes blood flow through the Fetal umbilical, middle cerebral arteries, ductus venosus and aortic isthmus and maternal uterine arteries.

3D/4D ultrasound is also carried out at our centre to visualize the fetal face and limbs well. This state of the art technology can also be utilized for better evaluation of the Fetal heart and brain.

Dr. Soniya Singh is one of the best Fetal medicine specialist in Prayagraj for Fetal imaging and ultrasound guided Fetal procedures whenever clinically indicated.

For pregnancy ultrasounds, please remember to carry your ID proof to the centre with you, have a meal before coming and drink some water. (this allows easier evaluation of the foetus).