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Best Obstetrician

We provide complete pregnancy care.

At the first or booking visit, the patient undergoes a detailed history and clinical examination.

A plan of management is chalked out for the rest of pregnancy.Ultrasound scan may be done to confirm pregnancy at this visit.

Dr. Soniya Singh is a trained foetal medicine specialist. She does her ultrasounds herself, which is why the patient is saved the hassles of running back and forth between the referring doctor and radiologist.

The patient is then called at 12 weeks period of gestation for the 12 week evaluation routine. This includes a nuchal transluscency/ nasal bone scan + double marker. Subsequently the patient requires a level II scan or Targetted Imaging for foetal Anomalies which is also done by Dr. Soniya Singh herself. The couple receives a detailed counselling if there are any abnormalities in the ultrasound report or double marker test report.

The patient is assessed 3- 4 weekly depending upon her medical history.We are well equipped to handle all sorts of medically and surgically complicated cases.Dr. Soniya Singh, equipped with her experience of working. She is especially trained in maternal medicine and provides care for pregnant women suffering from following medical or obstetric conditions which make the pregnancy a high risk pregnancy:

  • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • Hypertension in pregnancy
  • Anaemia in pregnancy
  • Thyroid disturbances in pregnancy
  • Rheumatological diseases in pregnancy like SLE, Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Heart disease with pregnancy
  • Liver function abnormalities
  • Disturbances of amniotic fluid volume like polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios
  • Higher order pregnancies like twins, triplets etc
  • Disturbances of foetal growth like intrauterine growth restriction (decreased growth) or macrosomia (increased growth)
  • Availability of ultrasound under the same roof by the same doctor makes life really convenient for the couple.

Dedicated pregnancy classes are also arranged for interested couples from time to time. Such sessions include lectures on nutrition, antenatal exercises and birth preparedness. Dr. Soniya Singh, one of the Best Obstetrician , and her team of specialists provide the best pregnancy classes .

At our centre all essential services are present under same roof which include the highest end ultrasound equipment, cardiotocogram (NST machine), laboratory facilities, dietician for dietary advice, counsellors, physiotherapist and a good neonatology and pediatric back up.

Backed by our strong Intensive care unit (ICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) we are equipped to handle all sorts of normal and complicated pregnancies.

Facilities for painless labour and epidural analgesia are also available. Highes level of comfort is ensured for the expectant mother at the time of delivery.

We have availability of specialist doctors round the clock.

Our centre is equipped with labour delivery suites - a first of its kind. We also have facilities for painless labour (epidural analgesia) for maximum comfort during delivery.

We extend all sorts of family planning services to our patients. We have facilities for insertion of Cu T (IUCD) and Mirena also.Dr. Soniya Singh has received certification in Contraception and is well equipped to extend such care to interested couples.

The availability of all services under one roof makes Dr. Soniya Singh centre the best maternity centre Based on patient’s feedbacks Dr. Soniya Singh is undoubtedly the best obstetrician.