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An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy care and childbirth. For a good childbirth experience, it is imperative that the patient be thoroughly evaluated, risk factors identified and optimum management of all underlying medical and surgical conditions done.

The following are essential components of preconceptional and antenatal care:

  • Evaluation of a women before conception and treatment of health conditions that could be detrimental to pregnancy.
  • Treatment of morning sickness, leg and back pain and other pregnancy related complaints.
  • Management of Uncomplicated and High Risk Pregnancy including Pregnancy with Preclampsia/ pregnancy induced hypertension, Antepartum Haemorrhage (bleeding during pregnancy), Multiple Pregnancies (twins, triplets) & Amniotic Fluid Abnormalities (oligohydramnios, polyhydramnios), Management of Pregnancy with Medical Disorders like Gestational & Overt Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Hypertension, S.L.E., Heart Disease, Epilepsy, etc.
  • Preparation of women and her family for childbirth through anetanatal exercises and antenatal classes.
  • Counselling regarding painless labour (birth analgesia/ epidural analgesia).
  • Nutrition/ diet counselling throughout pregnancy.

Delivery of the baby: Normal/ vaginal delivery is the natural way of childbirth. It should be offered to all women except in special circumstances like:

  • Good size baby with cephalopelvic disproportion.
  • Tight maternal pelvis (contracted pelvis).
  • Tumours (fibroids) in lower part of uterus.
  • Baby in breech presentation.
  • Low lying placenta.
  • Distress to the baby or abnormal foetal Doppler studies.
  • Previous 2 or more caesarean deliveries.

Caesarean deliveries are offered to pregnant women in the abovementioned cases.

With the advent of newer surgical techniques and best postnatal care, patients recuperate well within 48-72 hours after surgery and are fit for discharge.

We have facilities for painless labour/ epidural analgesia also.

What is painless labour/ epidural analgesia?

A catheter is inserted through the back of the patient to deliver a drug. The patient continues to have uterine contractions but due to the effect of the drug, does not perceive them. This technique is quite safe and Dr. Soniya Singh is quite experienced to conduct deliveries with epidural analgesia or painless labour. She has the experience of conductiong over 200 such deliveries. The few side effects of this technique is slight drop in maternal blood pressure, prolongation of labour or need for instrumental delivery. Dr. Soniya Singh at Apollomedics Hospital is one of the best obstetricians in Prayagraj for painless delivey.

We also provide medical termination of pregnancy in cases of unplanned and abnormal pregnancies provides advice regarding contraception

We also have LDR Suites ( Labour, Delivery and Recovery Suites). They are so equipped that a patient can remain in the same room throughout the birthing experience with her chosen companion. The LDR suite has all the equipment necessary for the mother and the baby during this process and can also handle minor emergencies and procedures including forceps and vacuum deliveries. We also offer complete postnatal care for the mother.

Dr. Soniya Singh backed by her knowledge of Maternal and Foetal medicine is one of the best obstetricians in Prayagraj for normal and caesarean deliveries.